How Does Landscape Design Benefit Your Pool?

Here are five ways landscape design benefits your pool or backyard… Whether you’re looking for a sociable space around the pool or you’re craving to have a relaxing and recreational pool area for entertaining friends and family; an effective landscape design around your pool might just be the trick that takes your backyard from good to spectacular.

The landscape design benefits for your backyard will not only improve the overall functionality of your pool but it can make your backyard coordinated and well-thought-out. By employing creative and attractive features in your backyard landscape you can turn a basic swimming hole into a relaxing oasis that sparks envy.

Are you ready to take the plunge of a captivating backyard swimming pool to the next level ? 

But hang-on, “What should you put around a pool?”

Well, this question is incredibly annoying for many homeowners because of too many choices and not knowing where to start. So, before all those overwhelming feelings gets the better of you, make sure you have a clear idea of what you want to use your backyard pool area for. For example an outdoor space for pool parties and barbeques would be different than a pool meant for exercise and relaxation in summer.    

Here’s how a good backyard pool landscape design is developed to complement your pool, as well as some of the gorgeous ways of getting your design right and in the words of three birds renovations…  

It doesn’t matter if it you’re flipping houses or welcoming friends into your own home, your landscaping is the first thing they’ll see, so it’s crucial to get it right.”

The landscape design Benefits

Pool landscape design involves introducing features in your backyard to soften the tough exteriors of building materials and add a lively romantic touch to the surroundings to make it something more than a mere swimming pool. It includes modifying and altering the existing backyard pool area by adding features like plants, paving, decking, furniture, lighting, and pool fencing to make it safe and more enjoyable.   

Let’s see what factors one must incorporate while getting your pool landscaping right and maximising the landscape design benefits:

Planning & prioritising your Pool goals

‘A good pool landscape design will take into consideration how it will be used, so that it fulfills all your swimming, relaxation and entertainment needs besides being beautiful to look at from both outside and inside. So, brainstorm and prioritise your entertainment requirements while planning your pool landscape.

 A backyard pool has a variety of uses in addition to benefits for health, fitness, and relaxation. It can provide you with an ideal entertainment area during summer months while partying with friends and setting for catching up with friends.

Hence, ask yourself whether you need some outdoor cooking facilities and patio for preparing and serving food while eating outdoors. You can also think about the paved area, furniture, and fixtures you need.

After you’ve planned for the required functional elements of your pool; the next thing you need to plan for the pool area is aesthetics. You need to think about having some natural forms of landscape elements around while swimming inside the pool. You can either choose to go with a natural forest-like secluded lake or you may prefer a more modern and streamlined look of planters and fixtures in the poolside area.

Try to get inspiration from your own home’s architectural style and choose plants accordingly to match the look and feel inside. Ask your family and friends what sort of design features will offer them overall peace and privacy. You must try to employ a landscape design that reflects your tastes. If you’ve got kids, you probably need to provide a separate space for kids to play.    

Five Landscape Design Benefits For Your Pool?

Sprucing up your backyard pool with a beautiful and functional landscape design brings in a plethora of benefits for you as a pool owner. Here are five landscape design benefits:



 Pool landscaping makes your backyard look more attractive. It maybe the only reason you’re looking to undertake a landscaping project in your backyard pool area. Your lighting design, plants and flowering you choose to plant all add to an aesthetic that is the difference between a nice space and the wow factor.

By choosing geometrical hardscape patterns, low-lying planters, a mix of containers, and unique lawn pavers around your pool you can transform your backyard into a cool and relaxing place. Whatever style you love the palm springs gardening trend, the curvy cottage pool or a balinese haven depends on how you pair your garden elements. Perhaps some lush scattered plantings, ornamental grasses and more or a pond-like feel with rocks, aquatic vegetation and flowering groundcover with extensive hardscape.  O there is also the new trend of a modern gazebo. The modern gazebo is one that is covered in vines and plants to disguise the actual hardware and you end up with a natural hanging garden to make your pool attractive and practical.  

So, whether you’re looking for privacy or elegance in your pool area, adding some boxwood hedges and luxurious lawn in your landscape can make your every summer day feel like a vacation.



Your landscaping design has to incorporate and comply with Australian Standard AS 1926 which states provisions for making pools as safe as possible for children. So, you can use landscaping features like fencing to make your pool a safe and healthy environment for kids.  There are a variety of fence types, from hamptons, glass, wood or aluminium. A big trend at the moment in pool fencing is the glass look. This helps enhance your landscape. You may find though, that a glass fence with children isn’t practical. So we are loving the white hamptons look by Eurowood.


Increased functionality

Besides getting easy access to the pool for swimming and relaxation; well-thought-out landscaping will improve the overall functionality of your pool area. Depending on your desires for outdoor living; you can create a space for relaxing with all entertainment amenities ideal for entertaining friends and family.   When we take your landscaping brief we ensure that we cover all aspects of functionality. This means you won’t have any functionality regrets later on.


Increased property value

If you’re planning to let go of your home in the coming years; a well-executed pool landscaping will add  value to your home, directly or indirectly. It not only enhances the overall appeal of your home but it gives your home a sense of luxury. Perspective buyers will be attracted instantly as it shows the time and care that have been taken over while planning and maintaining your property. This perception is very important for potential buyers as it means they’ll need to do less work on the home.




Your landscape can be a living privacy screen around the pool area and it can make sure your private pool is private. You can install columnar evergreen trees, Thuja green giants, and Leyland cypresses in layers to create a sense of tropical seclusion.  

“Landscape designers and architects are awesome. Especially if you have multiple levels and lots of “hardscaping” like decks, retaining walls, paving and all that jazz! It’s worth investing a few pretty pennies to build the right plan from the start.”

Get Expert Landscape Design Benefits From THe Boutique Team

Still, confused? Don’t worry… at Boutique Pools on the Northern Beaches in Sydney we are working hard to give people a sustainable and endless summer in their backyard. Whether you’re looking for a traditional resort-like style and finishes or you’re intimate with some Mediterranean escape or are looking for the custom-shaped pool; we’re committed to doing all the hard work leaving you utterly inspired.

So, just call us now and let’s envisage your brand new and inspiring pool landscaping in Australia.

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“The team at Boutique are inspirational, they took our backyard and transformed it into an amazing space that I didn’t think was possible”


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“The team at Boutique are inspirational, they took our backyard and transformed it into an amazing space that I didn’t think was possible”



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