Overwhelmed with the process of building a pool or hiring an Architectural landscaping on the Northern Beaches? Our team at We Are Boutique will ensure that at every step of the way you are informed and have the ability to make decisions and choices with the end result of an outdoor space you will love.



Before beginning any sort of building project and to ensure a smooth and easy pool or landscape project you will need to confirm the following:


We cannot commence a design contract without a site that is owned by the client. So make sure you own the site before getting in contact. It’s a simple one but we can’t do anything for you if the property isn’t yours yet.


A site survey is essential for design. We can provide you with the details of our recommended surveyor. You will need a site surveyed for local council CDC and DA approvals. We can help you organise this if you need assistance.


Knowing your budget and being clear on how much you are willing to spend will make the process a lot easier. We can then offer suggestions based on your budget and ensure your project is delivered on target. 


The INitial Phone Call

Our team will give you a call to find out a bit more about your project. They’ll ask a range of questions like:

  • Do you have a site survey?
  • What’s the approximate area and frontage of your site?
  • Does your property fall to the front or rear?
  • Are there any easements on your property?
  • When would you like to commence the project
  • What services do you have in your backyard? (Storm water, Sewer, Plumbing, Electrical etc)
3D Pool Design Sydney Pool Builders



Initial meeting and sign design contract

You’ll meet with Caleb our director and a member of the design team
 to discuss the following:

  • Desired functionality
  • Desired look and feel
  • Desired facades
  • Desired level of finishes
  • Desired timings
  • Desired budget
  • Site conditions (neighbours and adjoining properties, easements local Council controls, street access, sewer and stormwater issues)

It’s also a great chance for you to raise any questions you may have regarding the
build or design and to get a feel for Boutique as your designer and landscape architect.

Before or during this meeting, we also ask that you sign our design contract so that we can begin work on your plans right away.

Landscape Architecture Northern Beache


See What's Possible

Working to maximise the best aspects of your property and conversations from the initial meeting, we’ll draft a recommended path forward. Typically it can take from 2-4 weeks to finalise your first concept.

Once you’ve approved the first design concept, we will double check the concepts with our external providers to ensure the design is possible from every perspective.

Once we’ve received feedback from all parties and incorporated their feedback, we allow for one additional round of changes as requested to ensure that your design meets all of your needs.

Our landscape architecture specialists can bring your design to life with video imagery. A three dimensional design is a great way for you to experience the potential of your outdoor space. This is an additional service upon request.


Finalisation and submission of plans

This stage involves creating a set of plans that will alot more detail in terms of materials and finishes, and will allow us to provide an accurate quote for your project and minimise the amounts of questions throughout the project.

From here, we have two options:

DA APprovals: 3 to 6 months

We save you the hassle of working with the council. Trust me they can be pretty painful. From their we take the construction drawings and submit them through the local councils planning portal. Councils dictate to us and each council is different. Therefore depending on your area depends on timeframes and the information required. 

We will liaise with the town planner that is assigned to your project. Subject to their conditions we will work with them for the necessary paperwork whilst keeping you updated.

DA approvals mean that we submit the plans on your behalf to your local Council. DAs can take from 3-6 months for approval. These are typically held to a series of conditions.


CDC: Two - Four Weeks

CDC approvals mean that we submit your construction drawings on your behalf to a private certifier. This by passes council and all their red tape. We will liaise with the private certifier to ensure all the necessary paperwork required is submitted. 

These can take from 2-4 weeks for approval, however only certain types of developments are applicable to be lodged as a CDC.

We will discuss the best option for your project during your initial meeting.



We begin the work of your exciting new space. Sit back relax and get ready for an amazing new space. 

3D Landscape Pool Design Sydney Pool Builders

considerations before we begin…

Knowing what style you like and collecting pictures of pools, plants and gardens can really help us create your dream landscape design. Boutique Pools Landscape and Design is an award-winning team of pool designers, builders and tradesmen based on the Northern Beaches of Sydney and we would be happy to take a your style and create it! 

Every great pool starts with a great design. At Boutique Pools & Spas we want to make sure the end result is a space you love. Knowing what you don’t like and what you must keep helps us incorporate your current space and transform it to your dream space. Each aspect of the design can be refined to ensure you receive your perfect pool and landscaping. With a team of dedicated pool designers that are passionate about their work, we create pools that balance aesthetics and function.

We devise landscaping that reflects the atmosphere that you want to establish, whether that is recreation, relaxation, entertainment or contemplation. For more information on our passion for landscaping design, visit our Northern Beaches landscaping page.

We know that time is precious. Some people love gardening and the process of caring for plants. Some of you want the space to look after itself. We know plants and technology so we based on how much time you would like to give in maintenance helps us create your version of a perfect garden design on the northern beaches. 

Knowing what  outcome you would like helps us work together and complete a successful project. Success looks different for everyone so knowing what that looks like and letting us know means we can work with you to create a smooth transition.




Northern Beaches Landscape and Pools