Health Benefits of A magnesium Swimming Pool?

Swimming is such a big part of Australian life. We have a climate that facilitates swimming for a large part of the year.  In addition to being the funnest pass time in Australia, here are all the health benefits of a swimming pool that you are going to want to jump on board with for 2020.

If you are considering a swimming pool and you need an extra reason in your pro’s column, this article is will have you ready to make a great choice for your health.


Swimming PoolS For Excercise

We hear the phrase ‘health benefits’ thrown around these days, so what are the Health Benefits of a swimming pool. There actually are a surprisingly large amount of benefits to swimming and owning a backyard pool. And the first one is that swimming is simply one form of exercise that most people enjoy!

Almost all your muscles are used when you are swimming which means it provides an all over body workout, tones your muscles and builds strength. Around 90% of your body weight is supported by the water. The relatively weightless environment and support from the water helps to overcome painful movement in the joints that are affected by various condition. It also creates the perfect conditions for low impact therapy. Low impact therapy is ideal for people with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, people with disabilities or those suffering from a long-term injury or illness.

Swimming even has the added benefit of reducing further risk of arthritis by allowing a person to maintain their normal muscle strength and structure of joints. So swimming is not only one of the great exercises for arthritis but also for preventing arthritis.


Swimming Pools For the Mind

Not only does swimming provide a fantastic form of exercise, it also is great for the mind. We often associate water with relaxation, and so it makes sense that being immersed in water will bring peace and alleviate stress. Very welcome benefits in our fast pace society. 

Some of the mental health benefits of swimming and being active are: improving mood, increasing self-esteem, lowers the risk of depression, slows dementia and cognitive decline, improves sleep and reduces stress.

Here are our top tips for mental health benefits of a Swimming Pool:

  1. Start off small and build  your swimming ability at a pace that works for you. Even small amounts of swimming can give you a natural energy boost.
  2. Get a buddy to join you. Swimming with friends is a great way to give you that extra motivation to jump in.
  3. When you are in the pool, concentrate on your surroundings, your breathing in the water and the way your body moves through the water. Being present in the moment helps calm and alleviate anxiety.


The Value Of Mineral and Magnesium Pools

Owning your own pool will give you more opportunity and incentive to take advantage of the mental and physical benefits. Not only for the convenience that owning your own pool offers you, but also because owning your own pool means you get to choose what water is best for your pool.

Companies like Theralux are bringing the ancient practice of soaking in mineral-dense bodies of water to the comfort of your own home. As much as we would all love to be able to trek across Europe to soak in the many mineral rich natural baths, it is actually practical and more of a long term benefit to own your own.

By adding minerals to your pool water, you have the added health benefits of repairing nerve and muscle function, deeply relaxing your mind and body, increasing skin elasticity and hair health, soothing skin conditions and improving energy levels and sleep.

Transdermal absorption is when we absorb through the skin. When we swim in mineral rich water, these minerals have a positive affect on body by lowering blood pressure helping our nervous system to calm the physical symptoms of stress and anxiety. The better absorption of calcium strengthens bone density and the body’s immune system. Our skin comes out feeling soft and silky because it has absorbed moisture instead of being dried out by chlorine. And magnesium strengthens our hair follicles. All these minerals aid the circulation of blood to your heart, muscles and brain. They level out your energy so that you function well during the day and sleep well at night.

Health Benefits of a Swimming Pool

For further information on mineral pools or the chlorine vs saltwater vs mineral pools, Caleb from  Boutique would love to help. Whether you are looking to build a new pool or if you would like to find out how to change a salt water pool to a mineral pool or if you would like to ask the mineral pool cost we would love to assist you anyway we can, Just get in touch. Or if you want to check out the best magnesium water provider check out

Now that you pro list is looking a lot longer, its time to bring a healthy happy version of exercise to your home. Not only will you enjoy cooling off, spending quality time with friends and family, but you will be benefiting your health at the same time. We love multitasking. You will too!

Health Benefits of Magnesium Pools

Health Benefits of A magnesium Swimming Pool?

Swimming is such a big part of Australian life. We have a climate that enables swimming for a large part of the year. In addition to being an enjoyable cooling pass time, swimming has many health benefits!

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Health Benefits of Magnesium Pools
Health Benefits of Magnesium Pools
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A peaceful and calm oasis in your backyard is good for the mind.
Have your own safe space to excercise while you recover.
Get the health benefits of the ocean in your backyard with a mineral pool

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